Arts and crafts

Paper, pencils, felt, stickers, paint and all things that kids love to use for making those special pictures.

In the bathroom

Toiletries for children and/or new mums, new full bottles only please eg toothbrushes, bubble bath, soap, wipes, flannels and sponges, hairbrush or comb

Baby baths or bath inserts

Baby towels.

Blankets, bedding and sleeping bags

We accept flat or fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillow slips, blankets, quilts/duvets and mattress protectors for Moses baskets, cots, cobeds and single beds. We can accept a limited stock of double bedlinen – please do check it’s needed before you bring it.

We don’t accept sleepy heads. 



All books in good condition with no missing pages or flaps. We don’t take battery books.

Bottles and sterilisers

In near new condition, but please no used teats please.

Microwave and cold water only, no electric ones. 

Buggies (see Prams below)
Bouncer chairs / rockers

These are for babies to lie in – must have a three point safety harness.

We are not able to pass on door bouncers or ride on rockers.

Carry Cots
Children's chairs and tables

Plastic or wooden toddler table and chairs


Premature baby size through to 12 years. All clothing should be freshly laundered please and of a quality that you would give to your best friend. We would be incredibly grateful if you can sort clothing by size eg newborn, 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 months, 1-2, 2-3 yrs etc and label bags accordingly.

Please note we can’t pass on items with any family member reference on them eg best brother, mummy loves you, as if our family doesn’t have that relative then it could be upsetting. We also don’t pass on items with any country, religion, football team etc for the same reason.

We also do not pass on any adult clothing or maternity clothing.

Cots and Travel cots

We must be able to pass these on with the assembly instructions. If you don’t have the manual please find it online and print a copy so that you are sure it is being donated with all the requisite parts. 

Travel cots must have all four panels as mesh.

We always need bedlinen to go with beds so please do donate these if you can. 


We can only take unopened formula that has 3 months left to expiry.


Must have a safety harness and a tray and be either Ikea style or foldable. Please give it a scrub before donating if you can!

Mobiles for cots
If battery operated please remove batteries before donating.
Moses baskets / bassinets

Please note we provide new mattresses due to H&S regulations, so please take out the mattress before you bring it to us.

We can’t give out moses baskets with frayed handles so please double check yours before donating 🙏

For the Mums

It’s not all about the children! New mums need things like disposable breast pads, maternity pads and we also give them bathing products like tummy cream and bath oil.


Disposables can be from opened bags.

We don’t accept nappy bins or reusable nappies.

Nappy change bags
Nappy change mats

Please check your mat is in good condition with no holes


Please do wash the playmat as this helps us pass it onto a family more quickly.

We do not pass on activity centres or moving sit in toys.

Pram accessories

We take everything form cosey toes, newborn headrests, sunshades and rain covers to spare wheels. 

Prams / buggies

Must have 5 point harness, safety sticker, brakes fully working and can fold. Please give it a scrub before donating, and if possible include the original manuals.

Safety gates and other safety items

We accept safety items like plug covers and cupboard locks.

We no longer take safety gates as another charity locally now provides these new for families.

Shoes and wellies

In good condition where the sole isn’t worn. Please give a clean before donating so they can go straight to a new family.


We give out toothbrushes and toothpaste, baby bubble bath, sponges and flannels, nappy rash cream, hairbrushes, nail clippers and cotton wool for babies.

We also give out shampoo and conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste and shower gel for older children.

Mums/dads don’t get forgotten either and toiletries will be provided for them too 🙂

Toilet training

We accept potties, children’s portable toilet seats, small steps.

We don’t accept nappy bins.

Toddler beds and bed guards

Beds must come with instructions to ensure that all parts are included and the item is safe. Please note we provide new mattresses due to H&S regulations so please remove this before donating.


Baby towels in new or next to new condition only


No enormous stuffed toys please, just small cuddly ones!

We accept all complete games, puzzles and children’s toys. However we don’t take any electronic toys requiring batteries. 

We can’t rehome ride on toys or activity centres. Generally we need things to roughly a shoebox size or smaller as many of our families are in emergency placements or accommodation with very limited space.

Wipes and nappy cream - unopened
Items we cannot rehome

Car Seats

Battery toys

CDs or DVDs

Door bouncers

Bumbo seats, ride on toys, sit in activity centres

Nappy bins

Bikes or helmets

Maternity clothing or any adult clothing

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